The fourth industrial revolution era – which is denoted by automation in all fields including industry, financial, medical and education – is predicted to bring opportunities as well as disruption of relationships between human (society) and technology. This 4.0 Industrial Revolution will create new realms that humankind has never experience before. The readiness of human resources, technology and infrastructures are required to face the impacts of this revolution, as it will fundamentally change the way human lives, works and socializes. As such, it is important to ensure that the revolutionized technology will bring positive impacts to the society. This should be brought about by creating an integrated and comprehensive approach that involves stakeholders from all sections of society, including practitioners from public and private sectors, academia and researchers.

Indonesia is a developing country which undergoes progressive changes towards a rapidly industrializing society. The country is characterized by its abundant natural resources and a demography dominated by parts of society at a productive age. It is a country on the verge of becoming a developed one. As with other developing countries, the shift towards the 4.0 industrial revolution demands a careful and measured management of existing opportunities and challenges. This requires human resources that are empowered with pertinent skills.

Biotechnology, which moves around the interface between technology and biological sphere, holds a key role in assisting the country in navigating its course through the new industrial revolution. It utilizes biological resources for the welfare of human society and assists the progression of a nation towards prosperity. The advancement of biotechnology, supported by skilled human resources in the sector, is essential to ensure that Indonesia is well prepared in facing both the challenges and opportunities brought about by the 4.0 industrial revolution.

By adopting a theme on “The Role of Biotechnology in the Era of 4.0 Industrial Revolution”, The 2019 International Conference on Biotechnology and Life Sciences aims to create a platform for relevant experts and stakeholders in the field of biology and biotechnology to discuss and share experience relating to the management and appropriate utilization of biological resources, as well as the recent advancement of biotechnology.

The 2019 International Conference on Biotechnology and Life Sciences (IC-BIOLIS) will cover discussions on the following topics:

  1. Bioinformatics
  2. Microbiome and Biodiversity
  3. Genetic Engineering
  4. Nanotechnology

The conference will be held at Kemala Ballroom, Universitas Esa Unggul, Jalan Arjuna Utara No. 9, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat, Indonesia.

The organizing committee accepts papers for both oral and poster presentations. Please register and/or send your abstract via email to, before the following deadlines:

Abstract Submission 01 August 2019
Full Paper Submission 01 September 2019
Registration Deadline 15 September 2019

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